Extreme Sports Athlete Drives Toy Car Down a Mega Ramp in Insane Stunt

Dabbling in extreme sports takes huge cojones since a lot of things could possibly go wrong in pulling off a stunt that could put these athletes in the hospital and instantly end their careers. But if it works, the payoff is huge.





A daredevil pulled off one of the most insane stunts you’ll ever see when he hopped into what appeared to be a pink Barbie toy car and drove it down a huge ramp for a nice long jump. Skip to 10:52 for the stunt.



Toy Car



The show was part of the Nitro Circus, a stunt show performed by a group of daredevils who do all sorts of outrageous tricks as part of a tour. This time, they were at the Grand Junction in Colorado to entertain a large crowd with jumps down a mega ramp aboard a scooter, a penny-farthing bike and a Barbie toy car.



Mega Ramp



I’m surprised that thing didn’t break apart when it landed.



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