Farmer Strips Down And Has A Shower With Grains

Stripping off for a daring photoshoot, Ben Brooksby posed in the buff as he laid in a truck full of lentils. The 24-year-old farmer, from Victoria, was not afraid to bare all when his photographer friend Emma Cross dared him to take off his kit during the harvest season in 2016.



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From there, the young man started The Naked Farmer on Instagram after he failed to find a playful social media account dedicated to farmers. Farmers from all around Australia pose in the buff The Naked Farmer a social media page dedicated to farmers.

Farmer strips down and has a shower with grains


And what started as a humble joke has now encouraged hundreds of farmers of all walks of life to snap their very own cheeky rural photographs, from posing on horses to lying naked in a pile of sheep wool. Mr Brooksby said he decided to turn the platform into a good cause by raising awareness about mental illness in the farming community.

Farmer strips down and has a shower


His next plans are to hit the road this year to raise more money. And the support he received from everyone so far has been overwhelming.



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