Female Aerobatic Pilot Pretends to Be a Clueless Nerd and Surprises Flight Instructor in Funny Prank

I find it kind of odd that people always think a nerdy-looking person is the least likely to possess some skills, which is probably the reason why this prank was a success.





A group of mischievous pranksters managed to surprise a flight instructor with the help of a hottie aerobatic pilot pretending to be a clueless nerd just out for a spin onboard an old school fighter aircraft.



Nerdy Girl



Nadia Marcinko went undercover and headed over to War Wings in Palm Springs, California to prank flight instructor Tom Nightingale when they were airborne aboard a P-51 Mustang and passed the controls over to Marcinko. He certainly did not expect her to take him for a wild ride.



Pilot Prank




They got him real good.



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