Female News Anchor Pulls the Plug on Interview When Man Says He Loves Bewbs During Live Broadcast

In this day and age when it’s totally inappropriate to shamelessly display misogynistic and sexist behavior, those who have taken the moral high ground will certainly abhor this kind of misconduct. It’s far worse when seen on television.



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A female news anchor had to cut her interview short when a man she was talking to unabashedly stated he loves bewbs live on air.



Loving Bewbs



CNN news anchor Brooke Baldwin invited former ESPN senior editor Keith Reed and Fox Sports radio’s Clive Travis to discuss the issue surrounding the Jemele Hill controversy when Travis claimed that he only believes in two things, which are the First Amendment and bo0bs. Baldwin thought this was highly inappropriate and decided to cut the interview short for obvious reasons.



Cut Off



First you just ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ and now have to love their bo0bs, too. Classy.



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