Fish Wriggle And Flap Around On The Floor Of A Supermarket After Their Aquarium Shatters

This is the bizarre moment when an aquarium tank shattered in a supermarket in Georgia leaving fish wriggling helplessly around the tiled floor. Dozens of the helpless creatures were left flapping around in the shallow water in the aisle as staff at the Carrefour retailer in Tbilisi desperately tried to catch them in nets.





Shocked shoppers scrambled to get away from the water as the unusual incident unfolded. The video was filmed by an onlooker who later posted it on Youtube with the caption ‘The aquarium broke. All fishes were on the floor. Working personnel were trying to save the fish.’

Fish wriggle and flap around on the floor


The video soon went viral on social media with many users commenting on the bizarre incident. Patrick Purcell posted: ‘Blimey those poor fish what a nightmare for the staff.’ And Kenzie Wenzie42 wrote ‘Not fun for the shopkeepers, the fish, or the guy who has to pick it up.’

Fish wriggle and flap around on the floor of a supermarket after their aquarium


The multi-national retailer prides itself on offering it’s customers fresh produce and high-quality products to their customers, with some having in-store fisheries. The Carrefour group has been contacted for comment.



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