Florida Man Caught Stealing 30 DVDs And 15 Bottles Of Motor Oil From 7-Eleven

Plenty of thieves walk out of gas stations with stolen goods stuffed in their jackets and pants, but what this guy thought he could get away with is seriously dumb.

Detective Phil Ryan was sitting in an unmarked car outside of a 7-Eleven When he noticed a man walking into the store. When he came back outside, his previously baggy pants look noticeably more filled out and was struggling to walk.
Officer Asks Man To Step Back In Store

That’s when Ryan stepped out of his vehicle and escorted the man back inside. After being told to unload everything he had tried to sneak of the store with, the man pulls 15 bottles of Penzoil and 30 DVDs out of his jeans.

Man Caught Stealing Motor Oil And DVDs

I wish to be as confident as this dude someday…

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