Florida man shoots and kill huge snake devouring goat

A furious farmer shot dead a python at point blank range after catching the snake devouring one of his goats.



Footage shows Scott Dame come across the reptile smothering its prey and swallowing the goat’s head in a wooded area of his property. Mr Dame, who runs a pest control business, revealed that the same predator had also killed another one of his goats recently.

This time Mr Dame can be seen approaching the python midway through its kill after being alerted by his 10-year-old grandson.


Shocking footage captures the python wrapped around the lifeless goat and swallowing its head


He shoots at the 12-foot long reptile until it releases its grip and tries to slither away. The hunter turns into the hunted as Mr Dame holds down the 120-pound snake to stop it escaping and fires several more shots until it stops moving.

“I tried to save the goat but it was too late,” Mr Dame told FOX 13. “We were all sad about the goats but at least it won’t get any more.”


The snake makes a desperate attempt to escape and releases the goat – with blood running down its scales


The family in Naples, Florida, USA, have a small farm for their animal-loving grandchildren. They look after seven goats, one horse, two baby pigs, seven chickens and some ducks.

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