For Some Reason, This Russian Factory Foreman Thought It Was A Good Idea To Drink Mercury

Even if you’re not scientifically inclined, you’re probably aware that mercury inside the human body is deadly. Even a small amount can send you to the grave. But it looks like this Russian foreman didn’t get the memo.

Though it’s hard to avoid the substance, you should avoid ever drinking it. But for some reason this factory worker from Russia decided it would be a good idea to chug down on some liquid mercury to prove that the substance is not dangerous.

Russian Drinks Mercury

While we don’t really know what happened after this video was recorded, but we think we have a pretty good idea. The effects of mercury poisoning are quite unpleasant, and ingesting it is almost always deadly.

Factory Director Drinks Mercury

What people don’t know Is that this is actually a 9 year old girl, but excessive consumption of heavy metals has made her look like that.

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