Freaky Footage Shows TV Reporter Predicting Motorbike Crash Seconds Before It Actually Happens

A television reporter left viewers spooked after predicting a motorbike crash just moments before it took place.

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The broadcaster was speaking to the camera in Paraiba, Brazil about an accident that had taken place that evening.
The TV journalist carried on reporting from the scene after the crash
He pointed viewers towards an area of the road that appears to have a dip or spillage on it, explaining the cause of the crash. But then seconds later, a motorcyclist speeds down the road, flips into the air and falls right in front of him. A group of onlookers then rush over to help the biker, while the unsurprised journalist continues reporting what has just happened.
Just seconds after explaining to viewers what caused an earlier accident, a motorcyclist then crashed right in front of the reporter
Just before the crash took place, the chilling footage shows the reporter addressing the viewers, saying: “We are in front of the Quartel Manoel Pires Honorato where an accident occurred. How? Look!” It is at this point when the motorcyclist crashes.

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