Friendly Lizard Gives Its Owner The Shock Of His Life When He Checks On His Pet And It Waves Back At Him

Being able to communicate with your pet would make life an awful lot easier by knowing when they want to eat, relieve themselves or just hang out. But this lizard-owner got the shock of his life when he waved at his reptile ‘Evan’ to check he was okay and he waved back. The video was taken in El Paso, Texas by Aaron Roman who was getting concerned that his bearded dragon wasn’t moving much.





At the beginning of the video the owner can be seen waving his hand infront of the camera in a bid to make contact with the lizard. Amazingly the bearded dragon then waves back in near-enough the exact same motion.

Friendly lizard gives its owner the shock of his life


Aaron said: ‘I had gotten Evan for my birthday. One day I walked into my room and saw that he wasn’t moving much. ‘I tried seeing if he’d moved by waving at him, but little did I know that he’d wave back at me. I tried keeping it cool for the video.’

Friendly lizard gives its owner the shock of his life when he checks on his pet and it WAVES back at him


It is not entirely uncommon for lizards to wave and it can be seen as an expression of submission when a larger lizard is nearby. So by Evan waving it could be him acknowledging Aaron’s dominance.



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