Funny and Terrifying Things the Internet Can Do in Just 20 Years

We are all caught smack in the middle of an Internet boom. Social media has taken control of our lives with all the posts we see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and a host of other apps and websites. The Internet has connected the whole world, making it quite a smaller place to live in. One YouTuber named Kenny Sebastian released a video of what India will look like in the year 2035, with the government and social media being one and the same where everything you do online reflects online.

Dating can get really cumbersome and you’re pretty much in deep trouble if you don’t get to update your social approval card. People will treat you like you have a very contagious disease.



This means you have to apply for approval at a government office if it expires. You’ll be going through a whole lot of questions about your activities online, which is all that matters. If all the requirements are not online, you’ll be treated as an outcast. But you could always bribe an official if things get desperate.



The situations you can be in are quite funny, but kind of terrifying if you think about it.

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