Get a Nice Dose of Happiness with This Hilarious Compilation of Animals Playing Dead

Playing dead is one of the tougher tricks that we can teach our pets, and we know dogs are the easiest to train in this kind of stunt. But apparently, some other animals can impressively pull this off too. So if you’re having a bad day or just not in a jovial mood, here’s a nice compilation of animals playing dead to keep your spirits up.

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Some say dogs can still do it best, so here’s three of them getting massacred.

3 Dogs Playing Dead

Surprisingly, cats can do it too, regardless of their indifference human entertainment.

Cat Playing Dead

But I think an Oscar-worthy performance goes to this little rodent, who took acting classes. Probably.

Rodent Playing Dead

Their performances are all impressive to say the least, but this dog’s thespian talent trumps them all.

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