Girl is thrown from dangerous fun fair ride and crashes into two women

Footage shows a child violently crashing into two women after being thrown from a funfair ride.


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Posted on LiveLeak, the shocking clip appears to show a young girl being ejected from the chair swing as it gains momentum.

The footage starts with the ride building speed while the two females walk towards each other at the fence. But as the pair meet, the young girl is hurled from the ride like a human cannon ball smashing into the women.


The little girl is hurled towards the two unsuspecting women in the shocking clip


The two adults are knocked off their feet while the child lands somewhere off screen. A number of people rush to the women’s aid while the first lady on the scene appears to tend to the little girl. It is not known whether any of those involved suffered major injuries.


The kid crashes into the women violently. It is unclear whether anyone was seriously injured


And while is not clear where the video was filmed, judging by the attire of the two women it was most likely somewhere in the Middle East.

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