Goalie Darrel the Barrel Scores Incredible Hat Trick to Become the Newest Soccer Sensation

Rooting for the underdog has always been an exciting way to watch sports, particularly when an unlikely hero steps up to the plate by showcasing an unbelievable display of skill to take that win and save the day.





In an unexpected turn of events, a goalie became an instant soccer sensation when he scored an unbelievable hat trick in his first attempt to be a field player during an exhibition game for charity.



Darrel the Barrel



Dubbed ‘Darrel the Barrel,’ Darrel Hales is a stocky goalkeeper who defied odds and scored three impressive points to lead his team to a win in a Sunday League game. He was just out there to have a bit of fun while to raise money for the bereaved children of St. Giles Hospice in the UK.



Barrel Roll



Mad skills.



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