Good Samaritan Comes to the Rescue of Two Girls Trying to Park Car, But Probably Left Them More Annoyed Than Thankful

There are the Good Samaritans and there are the not-so-Good Samaritans. Yes, it can be confusing, but here’s one clip that can help us tell them apart.





Two ladies were left dumbfounded when a not-so-Good Samaritan tried to help them get out of a pickle while attempting to squeeze in their car into a tight parking spot.



Parking Woes



As the ladies were trying—and failing—to move into the narrow parking space, even to the point of wanting to lift their car into place, a kind fellow offered to drive their vehicle in. But when he got into his own car to leave, the ladies were left likely annoyed for all the trouble they had to go through.



Driving Away



Um, thanks?



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