Good Samaritan Defends Woman from Armed Robber, Gets Shot in the Process

Being a Good Samaritan takes a lot of selflessness, and at times, a lot of guts to help people in need. But when it comes to saving people from harm, things can get a bit tricky and lives can be at stake.

Warning: contains distressing images

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Tulane medical student Peter Gold was driving along the quiet streets of New Orleans in the wee hours of the morning when he chanced upon a woman being assaulted by an armed man in a hoodie. He decided to stop his car and got out to help.

Good Samaritan

Moments later, CCTV footage shows the hooded figure holding Gold at gunpoint using an automatic weapon and fires. Luckily, the gun jammed as the crook was about to pull the trigger for another shot and eventually fled the scene.

Gun Jammed

The victim sustained only minor injuries and Gold survived his gunshot wounds. Somebody was apparently looking down on Gold on that fateful night or things could have been tragic.

Gold could’ve turned a blind eye, but chose to put his life on the line to save someone in need. This man is a legend.

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