Good Samaritan Pickups Drunk Hitchhiker and Takes Him Out to Get Wrecked at the Pub

They say picking up hitchhikers can be dangerous, mainly due to the stigma of possibly sharing a ride with a stranger who just might murder you. But in a rare turn of events, one dude made a friend out of a hitchhiker and even showed him a good time.





A Good Samaritan documented his amusing day after picking up a wandering hitchhiker, which included getting smashed at a local pub in Wiltshire, UK.






Eliot Fisher was driving past Stonehenge when he noticed a dude dressed in camo and decided to give him a lift. He then started to chronicle his day with Alexander, from grabbing a bite at Subway to their pub visit with another friend in one of the strangest encounters with a hitchhiker ever.



High Five



The world certainly needs more of this.



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