Gordon Ramsey “Severed” His Hand In Front Of A TV Audience In Hilarious Prank

For those who don’t know, the world famous chef Gordon Ramsay was chosen to host the host the British talk show the Nightly Show.

His hosting gig has been generally well-received but Ramsay terrified his studio audience on Monday when he got his hand stuck in a blender.

Ramsay invited TV presenter Frank Skinner for the show as a guest. It was Skinner’s birthday, so Gordon Ramsay thought he’d make the comedian a smoothie as a present. But when Ramsay stepped into the kitchen, though, disaster struck on set.
Ramsay Makes Him A Smoothie
He was a little off his game that night — he couldn’t find his knives, and his chopping board was unstable. However, Frank Skinner had the shock of his life when Ramsay “cuts” his hand inside a blender, of course, it’s all a clever prank.
Ramsay Gordon Severes His Hand
The look on his face is just priceless.
The Look On Skinner's Face

A C T I N G.

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