Graphic Video Of Chicago Man Who Stabs Brother-In-Law 25 Times

A man was left in critical condition after his brother-in-law brutally assaulted him on a bus ride. The attacker, Darnell R. Scott, 37, stabbed his unnamed relative, 50, as many as 25 times before he partially disemboweled the man’s body during a traffic stop Thursday near the 300 block of West 63rd Street in Chicago, Illinois, police say. The horrific incident ignited after the ‘unfriendly’ relatives randomly bumped into one another on the bus.





During the confrontation, the elder was punched, hit and stabbed multiple times after he asked Scott whether he sent a gang of people to ‘jump him’ a time prior, the newspaper reported. Footage of the bloody fight was captured on cell phone video by riders who witnessed the brawl go down.

Graphic Video Of Chicago Man Who Stabs Brother-In-Law 25 Times


When the individuals took the tussle to the floor, Scott took out his pocket knife and began stabbing – which he admitted to police during questioning. The victim was transported to the Stroger Hospital in critical condition, while Scott was also hospitalized with injuries.

Graphic Video Of Chicago Man Who Stabs


He is seen in his mugshot bloodied with what appears to be bruised eyes. Details on the reasoning behind the brother-in-laws’ rocky relationship is not known at this time. Scott has been jailed. He was denied bail by prosecutors.



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