Guy Goes Fishing With A Bow And Arrow And It Actually Works?

This may be like a basketball trick shot video where it took 50 tries to actually get a hit, or maybe this guy is some sort of archery god.



Who needs a rod and bait to catch a fish anyway?




Professional mixed martial arts fighter Stephen banaszak prefers a more alternative method of fishing in a throwback to Middle Ages.

Stephen from Cartwright, Oklahoma took the point of view video of him catching a fish in North Texas using only a bow and arrow on a string.




Stephen said: “I’ve been bowfishing for about five years and have shot fish at the 60 to 70 yard range on many occasions.

“I’ve always been a big fisherman and I like shooting bows. So one day I used some of my win money from my fight to buy a fishing kit for my bow and the rest is history.

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