Guy Tests Out A Ruthless 427-Year-Old Mousetrap Design

Back in 1590, Leonard Mascall designed a bunch of diabolical mousetraps, including this one that can handle multiple mice in a night.



If you’ve got a mouse problem, you’ve probably considered all kinds of traps to solve it. Everyone wants to design a better mousetrap, but we all might be a few centuries late. Youtuber Shawn Woods describes a mousetrap design from a 427-year-old book that’s as simple as they come.


Guy Tests Out A Ruthless 427-Year-Old Mousetrap Design


The mousetrap design was detailed in a 1590 book by Leonard Mascall, where he introduces a number of inventions and contraptions to help people around the home.


4 Mice in 1 Night.


Since the author has some rodent problems in his garage, he tried out this 427-year-old mouse trap. He placed it in the garage overnight, and recorded the whole thing on camera. Will he manage to catch some mouse with this old mouse trap? Watch the video above to find out.

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