Guy Turns a Coin Into a Ring in Just Under Two Minutes

I’ve always wondered what process a piece of metal goes through as it is transformed into a nice dazzling ring. Turns out, it only takes a short time. And with a certain amount of skill and the right kind of tools, two minutes is all a jeweler would take to fashion one from a small coin.

Utah-based jewelry maker fencekid demonstrates how easy it is to make a ring out of a single quarter.


The video shows the whole process, from the cutting to the shaping, which is the difficult part of the procedure if you don’t have expensive tools and machinery for the work involved.


After a few presses from his tools, molding the shape and size of the coin ring, he gets it done.

Pressing Size

After a nice polish, it’s ready to wear.


He claims it still needs a bit of sanding, but it sure looks fine to me.

Coin Ring

Fantastic work.

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