Guy Walks Onto Icy Pond, Realizes It’s So Slippery He Can’t Get Back Off

Deep within the cold waters, a voice whispered, ever so softly, “you belong to us now.” This duck hunter got himself in a bit of a pickle after he was trapped on a patch of ice and could not seem to stop sliding around.



The guy went duck hunting with his buddy in a wilderness area in Arkansas. After he had set up some decoys for the day’s hunt, he found himself struggling to get to his gun that was on top of a tree in the middle of an icy pond.


Just trying to get to the tree


He tried to get to the tree multiple times, but he immediately slid back down the small incline each time. In the end, he managed to grab the tree and pull himself out of the icy pond.


Guy Walks Onto Icy Pond, Realizes It's So Slippery He Can't Get Back Off


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