Hardcore Basketball Fan Eats Horse POO In Celebration Of Cleveland Cavalier’s NBA Championship

This dude is so passionate about his home team winning the NBA championship, he actually ate horse poo.

The Cleaveland Cavaliers have been subjected to what may some refer to as a ‘curse’ since 1964 as the team hasn’t won a championship ever since its inception. But thanks to the efforts of superstar Lebron James and his teammates, the team finally won their first championship.

And for one fan, the emotion of the win was far too much for him to handle.

Basketball Fan Eats Horse Poo During Celebration

This baseball cap-wearing sports fan grabbed a handful of horse poo from the street during a victory party and ate it. Yup, he just straight up ate it.

Harcore Cavalier's Fan Eats Horse Poo

When ball is life.

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