Heart-Stopping Moment Motorcyclist Is Nearly Killed By Cement Truck

This is the terrifying moment a motorcyclist had a narrow escape after a 32,000kg cement truck almost crushed him. Kaan Kolcu, 20 and a student from Charlton, was driving down the A2 on the Kidbrooke Interchange in London when a cement truck cut across him. The motorcyclist instantly slowed down and his bike stumbled as he came perilously close to being squashed against the wall.



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The video clip starts with Mr Kolcu driving down the relatively clear A2. However, from the left hand side, a cement truck can be seen connecting onto the road. It then seems to cut across two lanes and directly into the path of the motorcyclist, seemingly not noticing him at all.

Heart-stopping moment motorcyclist


Mr Kolcu slows down but his bike stumbles slightly and he is close to being crushed. The incident happened between 12pm and 1pm on February 2. He said: ‘I realised how lucky I was because the cement truck came really close, I was lucky to be on a motorcycle.

Heart-stopping moment motorcyclist is nearly killed by cement truck


‘If it was a car I would’ve been squashed. Everyone in the car would’ve been crushed. I feel like I made the right decision to slow down rather than speed up.’ He also admitted that he panicked when he realised the cement truck wasn’t going to let him pass.



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