Heart Stopping Moment Thrillseeker Wobbles From Side To Side As He Walks A Slackline Between Two Massive Cliffs

This video shows the heart-stopping moment a slackliner wobbled from side to side as he tightroped over a chasm in Tasmania.

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Extreme sportsman Ryan Paul Robinson filmed the astonishing footage as he edged along the rope between two massive cliffs.Mr Robinson is believed to have been at least 50 metres above the water and rocks below as he took on the daunting challenge.
With a GoPro camera attached to his head, the slackliner is seen steadying himself as he makes his first steps across the vast crossing. The barefooted daredevil wobbles to the left as winds buffet him, but he grips on and continues his breathtaking feat.
Mr Robinson, who was clipped onto his line with a safety harness, is heard breathing deeply as he teeters high above the sea. Mr Robinson posted the clip on his Instagram page earlier on Friday and described Tasmania as one of the most incredible places on the planet.

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