Here’s A 360-Degree Video Of A Trophy Truck Hitting A Cow At 112 MPH

(WARNING: GRAPHIC) Driver Christian Sourapas and his co-driver John Tondro were in the lead at the Parker 425 before they were greeted with a nasty bovine surprise.



Thankfully, driver Sourapas and codriver John Tondro were both okay, albeit a bit shaken.

You can see the nose of the truck dive down from braking before it hits the cows, but there wasn’t much those brakes could do in response to the surprise bovines with the truck traveling at 112 mph.


Here's A 360-Degree Video Of A Trophy Truck Hitting A Cow At 112 MPH


You can’t see the dead cows in the video, thank goodness, but you can see the effects of the hit. Any time a real-life camera looks like a video game where your character has been stabbed is bad. Very bad. In this case, it’s because there was a very dead pair of cows and a rolled-over truck.


Hitting A Cow With A Trophy Truck At 112 MPH Looks Completely Terrifying


Even though both of the guys in the truck were fine, the place the truck landed was in the middle of the active course—in the direct path of other 6,000-lb race trucks. Sourapas immediately got out and tried to flag other trucks down to keep them from hitting his rolled truck.

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