Hilarious ‘drunk’ couple struggle to make it down set of stairs in hotel – and it ends badly

A hilarious ‘drunk’ couple who appeared to have enjoyed a few too many drinks at the free bar in their hotel were caught on camera as they struggled back to their hotel room.


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The pair, on holiday in Turkey, were making the simple trip back up from the hotel bar to the bedroom. But it seems that was easier said than done. Clinging on to each other, the couple attempted to make their way down the set of stairs by the pool.


The unbalanced couple try their best to make it down the steps in one piece


But despite taking the steps one at a time, the husband and wife struggled to maintain their balance. Out of a nearby hotel window, fellow holidaymakers laugh loudly at the pair as they stumble towards the lower level.


But both fail when they tumble into a nearby car


Eventually, after a fair few near misses, the couple managed to make it down the steps, and the man looks up to the holidaymakers and raises his hands in the air to celebrate.


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