Hilarious Moment A Cocky Barefoot Water Skier Faceplants At Lightning Speed As He Tries To Take A Swig From A Bottle

A man has been filmed trying to achieve the impossible barefoot waterskiing and drinking a beer at the same time with hilarious results.

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The footage shows the man in a bright green lifejacket holding on to the edge of the boat while it’s flying along the water. He is lying flat but manages to pull himself up to a crouched position while the boat is still moving. As he is flying along he is partially obscured from view with all the spray that is being flung up into his face from the water. His friends on the boat are heard cheering as he makes it up into the standing position.
skier faceplants into the water
He starts showing off his barefoot moves, balancing on his left leg while his right leg is extended out to the side. His friends on the boat then quickly look around for a bottle of beer, and find a partially empty one and had it to him.
skier faceplants after showing off
He takes the beer and starts drinking, while holding onto the side of the boat with one hand and still waterskiiing. Her takes one swig from the beer, hands it back to his friend and then faceplants into the water, disappearing from view before the beer makes it back onto the boat.

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