Hilarious Moment Man Flies To The Local Bakery In A Propeller-Powered Bathtub

This is the hilarious moment one man stunned villagers as he decided to fly to the local bakery in a bathtub. Creative brothers The Real Life Guys showed off their latest invention, taking the propeller-powered bathtub from a driveway, across fields and into the car park outside a sandwich shop. Pilot Philipp Mickenbecker picked up a sandwich at the bakery while onlookers took pictures of the odd creation.





The moment was captured in Herzberg, north Germany, late in December 2017, after brothers Philipp and Johannes had unveiled the flying bathtub in a local gym. Philipp is shown being strapped into the unusual invention, before the propeller starts whirring and the tub lifts off from outside a house. As the improvised plane gains ground we see the bathtub rising over the German countryside as well as Philipp’s point of view in the miniature aircraft.

Hilarious Moment Man Flies To The Local Bakery In A Propeller-Powered Bathtub


At one point the bathtub comes close enough to the ground that it is splashed by standing water in a field, but then rises again. With the shop in sight customers are seen filming the unusual moment on their phones, before the drone descends and lands neatly in the car park of Kopps bakery. Philipp climbs out and goes into the shop, where the woman behind the counter asks if everything had gone well but otherwise acts as if a man dropping in from a bathtub was perfectly normal.

Hilarious Moment Man Flies To The Local Bakery


After buying a roll to take away he leaves the shop still wearing the helmet and climbs back in with his remote control and sandwich bag. As long as they flew no higher than 98 feet (30m), German laws allowed them to make such a vision a reality, the brothers said. The invention is capable of remaining airborne for six minutes, meaning that although Philipp was able to make it to the sandwich shop, a little work still needs to be done to give the tub enough power to make it home again.



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