Horrifying Moment A Toddler Nearly Drowns When Its Swimming Ring Flips And Leaves It Upside Down Underwater For 72 Seconds Before It Is Rescued

Horrifying video footage has captured the moment a child nearly drowns while playing in a paddling pool at a play centre in China.



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The child was playing at Leyou Baobei swimming centre in Zhaoyuan City, China’s Shandong province on May 17 when the incident occurred. It takes some 72 seconds for staff at the centre to realise the child is drowning. In the footage, the child can be seen in the water with an inflatable ring.

Horrifying moment a toddler nearly drowns


It’s unclear if the child is a girl or a boy. An attendant leaves the room. The youngster can be seen splashing around when suddenly it tips over headfirst into the water. The child fights to get upright however because of the inflatable, it’s impossible. Its legs can be seen flailing about in panic, trying to get upright.

Horrifying moment a toddler nearly drowns when its swimming ring flips and leaves it upside down


As the length of time in the water increases, the child can be seen getting weaker. Finally after 72 seconds a person behind the glass window sees the child upside down and rushes into the room. Another person realises and joins him. The man picks the child out of the water and lies it down on a bench. According to Netease staff at the centre admitted that the incident had occurred. They confirmed that staff accompanied the child to hospital and is now out of danger.



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