Horror At Chinese Fairground As 14yr Old Girl is Thrown From A Ride And Dies After Desperately Clinging On In Front Of Screaming Crowds

A Chinese teenager died today after being thrown out of a malfunctioned swing ride mid-air at an amusement park.

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The accident occurred at Fengdu County in south-west China’s Chongqing city this afternoon, according to local media. The girl, 14, was pronounced dead at the hospital after failed resuscitation attempts, reports said. The teenager, who remains unidentified, was visiting a fairground inside the popular Zhaohua Park in Fengdu County.
girl dies after falling on a swing ride
A video clip, believed to be taken by an onlooker. The footage shows the girl falling out of her seat and dangling down from the machine as she was taking the ride. The machine’s name is A Journey in Space. Still attached to a metal bar, she spun in the air with the machine for about five seconds before being thrown out and hitting the ground.
girl dies after falling on a swing ride in china
The video shows other visitors in the park screamed as they witnessed the tragedy. Some of them tried to run away from the machine in fear of being hit. Eyewitnesses included a number of children. One of them is seen putting her hands over her ears while the crowd cried. After the girl hit the ground, several onlookers can be seen trying to save her. One of them is pictured giving her CPR.

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