Houthi Rebel Carries Wounded Comrade Through 1KM of Small Arms Fire

Dramatic footage coming out of Yemen shows a Houthi rebel carrying his wounded comrade over 1 kilometer of open terrain while in the middle of heavy gunfire…

A raging battle happens in the desert, in the middle of all that, someone gets injured in open ground. But instead of abandoning his friend and taking cover, this man rushed to his aid. He hoists the man on his back and runs to safety.

Rebel Carries Wouded Comrade

Even though multiple impacts are hitting right at his feet, he never stops moving, and never looks to even consider dropping his severely wounded friend. During this chaos, the man with his injured comrade on his back shouldered on and just kept moving. He never once dropped his friend to save himself even when arms fire was raining down on them.

Heavy Fire Rains Down On THem

Mark of a true hero.

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