Huge Crocodile In Flooded Streets Of Queensland Town But Can You Tell What It Really Is?

With floodwaters flowing through the streets, residents in the Queensland city of Rockhampton have been warned to be on the lookout for beasts lurking beneath the surface.





And an Australian TV crew thought they had found themselves face-to-face with a monster croc on Thursday morning after spotting an ominous head poking above the water. Fortunately for the terrified crew, who had taken to the flood roads by boat, the mammoth reptile was just a garden ornament.

giant croc in a flooded area seen by a reporter


Crocodiles are a real risk in these parts. There are a couple of crocs that have been sighted along the Fitzroy River here and as that river is running really quickly they will move up into the urban areas too.

giant croc in a flooded area lurking turn out to be a decoration


Svetlana Mitin, from Wildlife Rockhampton, previously warned that lots of creatures would be on the move because of rising floodwaters including snakes. She urged locals to be extra vigilant, even if they were directly affected by floodwaters.



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