Huge Shark Circles In Water Just Inches Beneath Terrified Kite Surfer Who Admits: ‘My Life Flashed Before My Eyes’

A kite surfer got the fright of her life after she spotted a great white shark circling beneath her just as she was about to dip into the water.

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Isabelle Fabre, a French travel blogger, was surfing with her friend Cyril in the sea off Western Australia when she noticed a black mass floating beneath her in the water.
Isabelle is dangerously close the the great white
At first, she thought her mind was playing tricks on her, and that the shadow was just her kite, before realizing to her horror that it was something much, much worse. Because it turned out that Isabelle was mere inches away from a great white shark.
The shark circling in the water below
She also though it was a dolphin until passed below her. Her friend Cyril could see everything through his drone and also thought Isabelle was in big trouble. She said she saw her life flash before her eyes every time she let herself touch the water but managed to steer herself back towards the beach, despite shaking with fear.

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