Humiliated Leopard Trapped Up A Tree By Wild Dogs Decided To Attack BBC Film Crew To Get Some Pride Back

This is the terrifying moment a “humiliated” leopard went for a BBC crew filming Spy in the Wild.

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Cameramen working on the BBC Two program are heard barking “oi oi” at the vicious animal as it pounced out a tree and leaped onto their film truck. Incredibly the crew were saved by quick-thinking cameraman Richard Jones after he threw his hat at the big cat.
a humiliated leopard went for a BBC crew filming Spy in the Wild
The team were in Botswana trying to track down wild dogs for an episode. Narrator David Tennant told the audience: “The dogs are deliberately winding up the leopard. “They are far too nimble to be caught, and the angry leopard takes refuge in the tree. “With their enemy humiliated, the wild dogs slink away.”
The crew scream out as the camera crashes to the ground
The crew were just metres from the deadly leopard when it appeared to clock them from its refuge spot. Tennant says: “The leopard is left pumped-up with aggression – his shift focuses to the crew stuck in the back of the truck.” Suddenly it jumped from the tree and charged towards them. The crew screamed out as the camera crashed to the ground.

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