Hungry Cow Eats Family’s Mail Because Screw The American Postal Office

A family in Iowa could barely believe their eyes when they caught a cow blatantly stealing an envelope from their mailbox and then trying to escape with the bounty.

Erin Hudson’s daughter caught the blatant thief on cellphone video last Sunday when they noticed something unusual by their mailbox. Apparently, the cow is prone to escaping its enclosure, but this was the first time it decided to take a chomp on the family’s mail. Erin runs to the mailbox to try and shoo away the cow, who had an accomplice waiting to take a bite off the mail as well.

Cow Steals Family Mail

Not only was the animal rummaging through the mailbox, it even tried to hit her pursuer and run off with their mail. Hudson added that after they shooed the herd away, they apparently returned and knocked the entire mailbox over in a ditch.

Cow Runs Away

The suspect is now in custody.

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