Hungry Raccoon Knocks on Glass Door to Ask for Food

I believe our pets sometimes have their own thing when they get hungry and start asking for food. They may nudge their feeding bowl towards you, beg by putting their paws on your leg while you’re eating or maybe make noises until you feed them. In contrast, wild animals simply forage and eat what they can get their paws or claws on. But this raccoon has got it all figured out.

Rocksy just found a clever way of getting her paws on food after raiding the cat bowl. She simply knocks on the glass door of this lady’s home using a pebble and she gets what she’s there for.

Pebble Raccoon

According to YouTube user ZOOSIELOVESCONCERTS, Rocksy has been visiting her house for years and can go knocking on her glass door for hours until she gets fed.

Rocksy Raccoon

It’s amazing how she figured that out, but if it works forRocksy’s, then she’s all set for life.

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