Husband Pretends to Take Wife’s Photos, But Pranks Her by Shooting Videos Instead

We’ve all been there. Someone makes the mistake of taking our photos while the camera is switched on video, making us look like a doofus while awkwardly finding the right pose.

While this may be unintentional, one husband decided to prank his wife by actually taking videos of her while she posed for pictures.

Soon-to-be father and loving husband Florin Mehedinti from Seattle has been tricking his wife Gracie into thinking he’s been taking pictures, but was really recording the moment she was trying to pose for the camera.

With Cat

This silly practice has been going on for three years after he found some videos mixed in with his camera roll, and has since compiled funny behind the scenes footage of her wife and friends doing their awkward poses.

Awkward Pose

But regardless of the many times he has pranked his wife, people still trust him to take their photos, and also still lucky enough to be alive for his funny shenanigans.

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