‘Idiot’ Prankster Sam Pepper Confesses He Faked His YouTube Videos

Sam Pepper, known for his controversial pranks, admitted Wednesday that most of his YouTube channel was filled with completely fake videos.

The 26-year-old British video blogger confessed the news in a video titled “i’m sorry,” which he posted just a few days after quitting the Internet by removing all tweets, videos and photos from social media.
Sam Pepper Apology
“I’m not telling you this for any sympathy or whatever, I’m in this situation because of me, I just want to tell you everything, honestly,” Pepper said in a roughly 20-minute blurry video. “I was one of the first prank channels then all these other prank channels started coming out and they’d be doing more and more and more crazy stuff, that’s when I worked out ‘all this stuff is fake, like we believe it all but it’s really fake.'”
Sam Pepper Confess To Fake Videos
In his apology video, Pepper also denied rape allegations and said the “murder prank” was also fake and part of his efforts to get views.

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