If You Think Your Commute to Work Was Bad, This Chaotic Train Station in Mumbai Might Make You Feel Better

Living in a crowded city with a less than stellar public transportation system can be a nightmare. But wherever you are in the world, I think nothing could be worse than commuting in Mumbai.





With Mumbai being the most populous city in India, it has over eight million people commuting by train on a daily basis. So if you think you have it bad in your country, this chaotic train station in the city will definitely make you appreciate your own city’s railway system.



Crowded Station



This crowded scene was filmed by a worker who is a regular at the station to shed light on the problems posed by overloading trains.


Packed Train



So if you feel like complaining for not finding a seat on a crowded subway going to work, just think of this clip to make your day a little better.



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