Incredible GoPro Footage Captures The Moment Camera Is Engulfed By Stream Of 1200C Molten Rock

This is the stunning moment a GoPro camera captured incredible images of molten lava before bursting into flames as the volcanic rock inched towards it. The camera had been placed in a crack on the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii by guide Erik Storm, who wanted to film the lava flows. Amazing footage shows the orange lava which usually reaches temperatures of between 700 and 1200C slowly creeping towards the GoPro.


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The camera is engulfed in flames as the lava reaches it and later the screen goes momentarily black. But, somehow the GoPro survives and a man can be seen peering down at the lense and the camera is retrieved. Striking pictures of the device later revealed the extent of the damage from the lava.

Incredible GoPro footage captures the moment camera is engulfed by stream of 1200C molten rock


The GoPro’s exterior is nearly completely melted but the lens appears relatively unscathed. The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii formed 300,000-600,000 years ago.

Incredible GoPro footage captures the moment camera is engulfed


And it has been active ever since, according to the US Geological Survey. It erupts from three main areas, the summit and two rift zones, and most of these events are ‘relatively gentle.’



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