Incredible Moment A Man Pulls Over To Rescue A Rabbit From A Raging Southern California Wildfire

Some might say he’s hopping man, but that did not stop a brave California motorist from pulling over to rescue a rabbit from a monster wildfire. A news photographer for KABC who happened to be in Ventura County on Wednesday, covering the Thomas Fire, captured the moment the unnamed driver risked his life to save the furry critter from the flames. The man stopped his car along Highway 1 after spotting the rabbit and tried to grab it, but the animal hopped away, inching closer towards the raging inferno that has engulfed the entire landscape around them.





In the short video documenting the man’s act of courage and compassion, the motorist a young man wearing in a red hooded sweatshirt and a pair of athletic shorts appears increasingly anxious for the rabbit’s safety. He jumps up and down a couple of time, as if mimicking the critter’s own motions, and desperately tries to capture it.

Incredible moment a man pulls over to rescue a RABBIT


A few tense seconds later, the seemingly doomed rabbit turns tail on the savage fire and finally approaches its brave rescuer. The man then gently scoops up the furry animal, cradles it in his arms and tries to make it feel comfortable.

Incredible moment a man pulls over to rescue a RABBIT from a raging Southern California


KABC reported that the valiant animal lover declined to be interviewed at the scene. It’s unclear where he ended up taking the tiny wildfire survivor. Social media users who viewed and shared the video of the rabbit’s improbable rescue hailed the anonymous man a hero for putting himself in harm’s way to save an animal’s life.



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