Incredible Moment Biker Wipes Out As He Tries To Slip Between Two Cars On A Russian Motorway But Walks Away Uninjured

A motorcyclist miraculously walked away unharmed after falling off his bike when he tried to squeeze in between two cars on a Russian Motorway.





The biker’s head was inches away from being crushed by one of the cars’ wheels after the accident on the Yaroslavl highway near the village of Vozdvizhenskoe, Moscow. Dashcham footage shows traffic flowing normally, when suddenly the biker tries to pass in between the two cars. But when the car in the left lane moves slightly to the right, he visibly flinches and this causes him to slide off his vehicle.

Incredible moment biker wipes out


The driver of the grey car in the right-hand lane shows remarkable reactions to swerve out of his path and onto the hard shoulder, potentially saving the motorcyclist’s life.

Incredible moment biker wipes out as he tries to slip between two cars


Most of the cars stop to check on the biker’s condition, although others manoeuvre around the wreckage and carry on their way. He somehow walked away uninjured from the crash, which occurred on Saturday, but his bike was written off after skidding down the carriageway.



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