Incredible Moment Cargo Train Crosses Busy Motorway Without Any Warning

Extraordinary footage claims to show the moment a train rumbles over a busy motorway has left viewers baffled.

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The cargo train appears to cross seven lanes on the busy main road in Azerbaijan with no warning whatsoever.
Motorists are seen desperately braking as they are suddenly cut off, while others speed up and race past before the front of the huge locomotive cuts off their path.
People have been left shocked by the ‘unbelievable’ and ‘outrageous’ footage and the apparent lack of safety procedures on the unbelievable crossing. The unverified images were reportedly shot by Javid Sadradinzadeshows in the city of Baku in eastern Azerbaijan. He says he filmed the moment the moving train crosses the road, noting that given its size and the number of carriages, the train had no chance at all of stopping if a car ended up in front of it.

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