Incredible MRI Scan Shows Baby Kicking, Smiling, And Dancing In The Womb Thanks To Revolutionary New Technology

Amazing footage has been released of a tiny baby inside its mom’s womb showing incredible never-seen-before detail thanks to new technology.

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The astonishing video is one of the first in the world to use algorithms, magnetic fields and radio waves to create extra-high quality images of a tiny fetus.
The new algorithm stabilises the moving image to get the best clearest image
The clip is of the baby at 20 weeks – about halfway through the average pregnancy – and is so detailed it shows the little one fiddling with its umbilical cord, stretching its arms in the womb and turning its head from side to side.
The baby can be seen playing with the umbilical cord
And despite its heart being smaller than a penny, it can been seen beating in the scan. The video scan ends with the cheeky little one giving its mum an enormous kick with both legs, causing her belly to wobble. It was captured by the iFIND project, a London-based group of medical experts from around the world who made the world-first tech in a bid to improve ante-natal scans for all mums-to-be.

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