Inside Bare Knuckle Boxing: Where The Bout Only Stops When Someone Drops

Decca Heggie’s first bare knuckle fight was in 2013 in a gangster’s backyard in London. It wasn’t in a fancy ring with ropes, it was in a circle of haybales with dozens of people crowded around, hoping to see a blood-drenched match.



He was up against Tony ‘The Leicester Bulldog’ Goward, a rock-solid bloke dressed in a white singlet and tracksuit pants. A few seconds into the bout, Decca landed a short yet brutal right hook to the side of Goward’s head, which knocked him to his knees.


Where The Bout Only Stops When Someone Drops


They traded uppercuts, jabs, and a few haymakers, before Decca absolutely throttled Tony with his right hand, causing him to hit the deck.

And this is all within the first 60 seconds.


Bare Knuckle Boxing Decca v The Leicester Bulldog


The fight lasted another seven minutes before Decca landed one last right-hander, leaving ‘The Leicester Bulldog’ unconscious on the floor. It was an incredible performance from Decca, who had no official training for bare knuckle boxing, except for what he learned while growing up in Carlisle, UK.

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