Is She Trying To Be Sexy Or Having A Seizure?

There’s something wrong with this girl twerking on her bed.

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Well, not everyone who tries will achieve sexiness.
girl twerking on her bed
This girl best exemplifies it. Lying on her bed with just a little bit of garments, flaunting her cleavage, and looking on the camera, she most probably wants to look sexy. There’s no doubt in it. She would have achieved it if she stayed like that, but when she moved, everything was ruined.
she open her mouth and sticks her tongue out
She begins twerking on the bed, her body follows the rhythm, including her chubby part. It goes all wavy in there. At some point she open her mouth and sticks her tongue out. She repeated twerking again, and her body does the same wavy motion as before. She looks more like having a seizure though. Maybe she should practice her moves a bit. What do you think?

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