Japanese Museum Asks People To Get 12.5 Kg Gold Bar Out Of Glass Box And Rewards Those Who Succeed

Will you go out with bare hands a 12.5 kg Gold Bar of his glass box? The whole thing is so entertaining. Those people’s finger strength and grip is amazing.


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In this episode of the Japanese TV show Knight Scoop, the team received a letter from a student who speaks of a mysterious gold impossible out of his glass box.

This ingot is located in the Museum of a goldmine of Sadogashima Island to the Japan. The ingot, a value of 450 000 $ is placed in the middle of a glass display case, it is possible to get it out through a hole of 8,5 cm in diameter, knowing that the ingot measured 7.8 cm wide.




A detective of the show went on-site to attempt the challenge. First problem, the weight of the ingot. The man explains that 12.5 kg, it is the weight of a bike!

Second, move the bullion by the hole while holding it with his hand. Mission impossible? No, the Museum guard precise that 3 people have managed to get out the ingot and the lucky ones won a gold with a value of USD 45 card.




Tantei Knight Scoop, one of Japan’s real-life detective show accepts the challenge with Ishida, one of the shows accomplices.

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