Kind Police Officer Buys a Homeless Man a Pair of Spanking New Boots

With all the bad rap police are getting all over the country, this clip proves there those who go above and beyond their call of duty when one cop decided to help a homeless man after being kicked off the bus for being barefoot.

43-year-old Kenya Joyner of the Delaware River Port Authority was asked to escort an unidentified homeless man off a bus for breaking the rules. After asking the homeless man why he didn’t have any shoes, Officer Joyner was told he couldn’t afford them. All that was about to change.

Kind Officer

Officer Joyner spent $45 for a pair of brand new boots bought at a store in Lindenwold, New Jersey and gave it to the poor guy. The random act of kindness was caught by local resident Kayla Christine Palmer and shared the video on Facebook, which has since gone viral.

Homeless Boots

What made this more special is when Ms. Palmer approached Officer Joyner to shake his hand for the kind deed, the cop embarrassingly walked back to his patrol car and said he didn’t want any recognition, since his colleagues do things like this frequently without being known.

Walking Back

Much respect.

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